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What is Kidmile?

Kidsmile is an application for parents with children aged 0-3 years of age to help them track and support their child’s growth. The application helps the parent to notice the most important things at each stage of the child's development and instructional videos with exercises following the child’s personal speed of development in both motor and verbal development.

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Kidsmile contains age-appropriate developmental indicators for children, based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the guidelines for monitoring children's health developed in Estonia and professional experience of the Kidsmile team. They are presented to the parent in a way that is easy to understand and monitor.

personal development plan

Kidsmile instructs the parent to do exercises with their child through videos that promote his or her age-appropriate development. Personal recommendations are based on the child's current skills. If necessary, the parent is advised to consult a specialist. A parent can also enter their child's height, weigh and head circumference to monitor their child's growth curves.

science based

Kidsmile is a simple and reliable tool that GPs can recommend to parents. It contains scientific information compiled by physiotherapists and speech therapists.

future oriented

Kidsmile is built in such a way that it would be able to easily be compatible with the health information systems already in use in Estonia and in the Nordics.

The team


Paulin Jürjens


I have been working as a pediatric physiotherapist for over 8 years. I am the initiator and visionary of the idea of Kidsmile, I am responsible, among other things, for external relations and physiotherapeutic content creation.


Päivi Kõiv


I have worked as a speech therapist for 6 years. I deal with children with various speech problems on a daily basis and counsel their parents. At the Kidsmile team, I am responsible for researching, creating and developing content.


Johannes Horm


I have worked as a developer for 5 years and also engaged in project management. I have created tailor-made software for different customers in different sizes to suit their specific needs. In Kidsmile I am responsible for creating the technical platform.


Anneli Kripsaar


I am a designer with over 4 years of experience, specializing in user interface design and web development. I am responsible for creating a well-thought-out visual identity and a smooth user experience for Kidsmile.